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I still can't believe it's seriously APRIL! I mean time is just flying this year... my kids get out of school NEXT month and then summer is here! (well maybe not the actual WARMTH of summer! LOL.. but no more school!! )..  Well before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's get back to April! LOL. So this month we have a fun stamp/kit sale in store for you! Remember, in order to get first dibs on the stamps and kits for sale, you will need to be signed up for our newsletters, because we will be sending out a preview of what's for sale to our newsletter subscribers on the night of the 15th! I will actually be out of town that night, but thanks to a few fabulous friends, we have started using a new newsletter service that allows us to create e-mails and newsletters and have them scheduled to be sent out on a certain day and time! So cool!

Okay so again, here are the details of the stamp/kit sale. First off, the sale will not be held on our website. It will actually all be done on my SIL's Esty site Tattered Tags.  We are sold out of all of our past kits, BUT  each month we always seem to have extra bits and pieces that make up the kits. Sometimes it's rubons, sometimes paper.. chipboard etc. So we are going to combine all of the bits and pieces from past kits to create one of a kind kits for sale . PLUS we will be selling any stamps we have left over from past kits. We don't have them from all past kits, but we do have them from some! So here's how it's going to work...  You will receive an e-mail from me on the night of the 15th, with pictures and names of each stamp and kit available. The next step, is for you to send my SIL, Brooke, an e-mail letting her know which items you want and then she will create a custom listing for you  with those items, in her Esty shop. where you will go and purchase the custom order. . After all the custom orders are done, she will then list any products still available on her Etsy site for single purchase. We thought this way would be easiest so she could combine shipping on the items you want. All the prices and shipping details will be in the e-mail you get from me.  and.. I just want to tell Brook THANK YOU for doing this for Ben and I! She Rocks! So be nice to her okay? LOL..

Well I KNOW you have all been dying to see what's in store for May.. and I am excited to tell you we have some FUN peeks in store for you in this newsletter. This thing is FULL of inspiration too as well as a new feature we will have once a month in our newsletters! You will have to check it out below to see all the fun! Thanks for everyone participating in the newsletter this week! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.. and happy scrappin...

Hugs to you all!




New for the Scarlet Lime, each month my good friend, Cassonda Tadlock is going to bring us a fabulous Card Sketch AND a challenge!
This sketch is simple but the card is so dang cute! She also provided us with more up-close examples of this card as well as a second one.. AND  she show us how to do a cool masking technique using the Scarlet Lime notes stamp!   Simply click on the link below for all the fun! Thanks Sonda for doing this! :)

Scarlet Lime Sketches

now I can't wait to see what the rest of you Scarlet Lime gals come up with using this sketch!

We have started a Flickr Photo group, where you can sign up and share photos and do discussions! So let's see them :)

Here is our group


Can't wait to see you there!





This  adorable mobile was created by Jessica Kesterson! She used the March main kit to decorate these cute birds she hung from a clothes hanger! LOVE it.. Love the little details in each one.
She also created this simple yet fun layout below about her first Apartment with her new husband! Isn't that picture just so romantic! Love pictures that tell a story. Thanks Jessica for sharing this with us!


Melanie Jaroki sent me this layout she did which actually combined TWO of our kits together! Our March project kit and our March mini kit! I love the flowers she created and the sun coming off the top of the page! Thanks girl!
Vanessa Molina is such a hoot to talk to! I loved this layout she shared with me using the March main kit. I like how she created the center boarder using strips of paper. It really does bring your attention right to the middle of the page where the picture and journaling is!

Jenny Alfonso shared this layout with me and I love the idea of overlapping the February rubons on top of her journaling! Also loved the picture on this layout. Such an inspiring layout to look at! Thanks for sharing it girl :)










 So who's ready for more Spring? I am, especially since we haven't gotten rid of our snow yet! LOL.. One of my all time favorite color combinations is red, yellow, green and black and so when I was at CHA and saw all these  patterns from different manufactures, I was GIDDY! I knew it would create the perfect kit for May! It's perfect for spring photos, but also wonderful for all those Mother Day's photos (or gifts) you might be scrappin!

And the stamp.. well once again, Chrissy Le has such a wonderful eye for what's in right now. She sent me this woodgrain texture stamp and I LOVED it. I started thinking about all the possibilities I could use it on, to add unexpected texture too.. like rubons, chipboard, flowers, labels, paper.. so many ideas! We have made sure we've also include lots of fun things for you to use the stamp on too!

Speaking of woodgrain.. I have to give a little shout out to my SIL's etsy shop Tattered Tags!  I know I already mentioned her alot today.. but  I was visiting her site this past weekend and saw the CUTEST woodgrain labels and tags she listed on there!.. holy cow talk about cute! I NEED THEM!! LOL..  You have to check them out!



























Okay, I have to admit our kits are a bit feminine sometimes  but I was so inspired when I attended CHA by some of the lines out there for men and boys, that I KNEW for May I wanted to do a kit that was not only masculine, but also a project kit, that could be used for upcoming gift ideas for Father's Day! This kit is perfect for creating a gift for those special "men" in your life, to let them know how much you love them.... husbands, brothers, fathers, sons.. I plan on making two of them! One for my husband, but also one all about my boys that I can keep for me! We will show you how to create ALL 10 pages of this "top 10" mini album. And you will LOVE the mini album we are using for it... but you will have to wait until next newsletter to see what it is! :)

Again, LOVE this stamp designed by Chrissy Le! SO into patterns and textures right now and love how she combined different textures all within one stamp. This will be a perfect background for alot of the products we are using in this kit! Oh I can't wait to show you what else we have in store.. so fun!





So I am totally into yellow right now. Such a bright cheerful color! When I saw this floral pattern by My Minds Eye, I was hooked! While it is somewhat muted, I knew if I paired it with other bright papers with the same color scheme, it would make a perfect Scarlet Lime kit!

The stamp included in this kit is so versatile! Not only can you include your journaling in it, but also the date, to record when it happened! And as always, can gotta love the mini kit price! :)















well it seems like forever since our last giveaway! So let's make this one good! I had a little bit of time last week to go through all of my scrapbooking stuff and really clean house. I couldn't believe all the fun goodies I found in my drawers and baskets! LOL.. I know I can't ever use them all, so I thought they would make for a fun giveaway! .. So.. as you know.. to get entered to win, simply post on today's blog post and on Friday of this week, we will draw out 2 winners names!

So again, All you have to do is post on today's blog post to get entered to win! !

 oh and If you aren't receiving our newsletter in your inbox and would like too, simply e-mail me at christy@scarletlime.com