All things Beautiful Project kit


I had so much fun with this accordion mini album.. infact a little TOO much fun! LOL.. If you have ever purchased a project kit from us before, you know that our projects are very detailed and have a lot of step outs for each page/ project we do. Well.. as I was creating this project, I started out, by doing it my usual way, taking pictures between each step.. and then I started having so much fun with all the products, at some point I realized I had forgotten to take pictures and my pages as I went, and my book  was nearly finished! YIKES! LOL.. so let me apologize first, that there aren't as many pictures and steps out as usual.. I promise next time I will try and contain my excitement and remember to take more :)  ONE thing you will also notice is that I didn't use any of the K& Company rubons or adhesive words in this album. That is because that product arrived shortly before shipping and the album was already complete (though I do plan to go back later and add some more embellishments here and there! )..

This project is truly SO simple.. and the idea behind it (the accordion album) can be used over and over again.. with a simple sheet of cardstock or patterned paper. Enjoy!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.. Remember to share your finished projects on our flickr GROUP!










First we are going to make the accordion album.


1. First Step is to cut your Noteworthy decorative edge paper into 3 strips that are 4"x12" long, as shown






2. Next you are going to fold your pages, with two folding the same direction, and one the opposite. Then place them together as show here.








3.This step is optional, but I like to create pockets in my accordion album, so when I put the glue onto my paper, to glue it together.. I only put it on the outside edge.. and NOT along the top. This will allow for a pocket  in the top of my album. .  You can see what i mean by "pockets" in the picture below...













4. Once you have the album glued together, start on the cover. This is the cover shown at right. I cut a strip of yellow paper and glued it to the front cover, but it also extended into the second page (as shown below).






5.Next I cut a piece of pink paper and placed it over the yellow as shown.. you can see how I extended it to the second page below..







6. by extending it to the second page, this allows me to already have my second page mostly decorated!








7.Next on the cover was to use the flower sticker from American crafts, and i placed it on the righthandside of the page.







8. Then I cut a piece of the decorative paper ribbon and glued it to the left hand side of the page as shown.






9. I like to layer several embellishments together, so I layered the H.S gel flower with the American Crafts felt flower on top.













To finish off my page (as shown below) I added stickers, the flower and also the chipboard word "family" to my page. As you can see, I used ink to cover the word family.. instead of paint.. LOVE ink on chipboard :)













Another step, to finalize the front was to take a sticker and place it onto the clip included in your little baggie. I took this neat idea actually from one of my subscribers, Laura Buckingham, who did it on one of the projects she made, that we featured in our newsletter in June.. Way to go Laura! Love ya!













This is the finished front cover and you can see all of it put together..







You can also see the "pockets" we made in the accordion album.. by only gluing the sides together.. to give the pockets more interest.. I used a circle punch and punched a "half" circle out of the top, to "notch" it. You can use any style of punch, or just cut it out using a half circle and scissors as well. Or just leave a straight edge for your pocket as well!




This is an up-close picture of the "circle' notch .. this is only punched on the two INSIDE pages.. where the pockets actually are.. not on the front cover.. or the back cover page.


















The inside page is mostly done for you.. because the paper is already laid down from the front cover. So next is to add the orange flower sticker and the "awesome" word sticker overlapping each other. Then place a button on top. You can see a more detailed picture of the "notch" in the top of the pocket as well. with a fun little tag coming out.






Add your picture and you are good to go!








For the opposite side of this page, I used one of the noteworthy journaling papers include din the kit. I just glued it onto the page.. with it kind of coming off the front a bit. Then I placed another sticker from the American Crafts sheet (holy cow LOVE these stickers).. and then added some buttons over some of the flowers for added detail.








Next I added my journaling.. simple!







Then I placed a flower overlapping the page, as well as another corner sticker from American Crafts.. (you could  also use some of the fun rubons from K & Company in place of the stickers.. but remember I didn't have those yet, to be able to use on the album).


Here is the finished project.










This is the last page of the front side, that I only took one picture of. I use two small pictures and overlapped them.. then I used more of the alphabet stickers and American Craft stickers to decorate.. again.. this would be a great spot to use the K & Company products as well.


















The backside pages need to be covered as they will be the plain white of the backside of the Making Memories die-cut paper. So I cut two strips of papers, 4"x12" long.. and covered both backside "layouts" with those strips. I used two different patterned papers.. to give more interested.

Next step, i cut two strips of papers about 3/4"-1 wide and place them overlapping and staggering each other on the upper left hand side of the page. Next I used the "frame" from the sticker sheet and placed it over the top. as shown.







Next I inked the word "love", traced it with a black pen, and placed it on top, overlapping the frame, then placed the fun felt piece from American Crafts on top as well.






Then added my picture and that side was done!









For the second side of this layout, I cut one of the noteworthy papers .. so I could use it up and down.. .






As you can see, I then adhered it to the page opposite and placed a American Crafts stickers over top. Last I just added a felt flower from American Crafts. Then added journaling! too fun!
















The last page, I covered with the bright Tinkering ink paper. Then I cut a strip of paper from KI Memories and placed it in the top left hand corner of the page (as I have in the other layouts). Then I cut another strip of the paper ribbon and layered it on top.








I then used a flower sticker over the top and added  a button to the center. Then I placed my picture onto the page, and then used the "fabulous" sticker overlapping the page, my picture and actually the opposite page as well. 




For the right hand side of the page, I cut a pink 3x5 paper from Tinkering Ink. Next I used one of the Making Memories journaling notepapers again and placed it sideways overlapping the pink paper. Then I placed a flower sticker on top. Then finished it with a flower again..





















Then I finished it with some journaling! and you are done!





Last thing you will want to do is use the little tags we sent you to decorate and add more journaling to them. Then place them inside the pockets of your project.