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Well it's been TOO long since our last newsletter and with CHA and other things, We have just almost skipped a week! So I suppose I need to make up for that by doing an extra special giveaway below!

In this newsletter you will be inspired by some wonderful and talented Scarlet Lime Subscribers, who shared their work with me. Plus more sneak peaks of March's kit including a "recap" of what you have already seen!

We have a couple of really important announcements to make in this newsletter as well, about March's debut day and also our March mailing schedule.

First off, because our kits will including  brand NEW product from Cha, we will not be getting some of these products until the first week of March. Normally we start our kitting process on the 25th of the month previous,... so we will work hard to get these kits out on time... but the manufacturers  shipping dates,  might delay OUR  shipping time by just a few days. We normally mail  on the 10th of the month, but we are thinking it might be more like the week of the 11th-14th. We will probably do multiple shipments during that week, but we will have all kits mailed out by the 14th. Thanks for your patience on this matter. We have tried very hard to get you the NEWEST product out there, from SEVERAL companies, but that makes it harder sometimes when new product is coming in, to get it all in at once.  I  have kept in close contact with each of these companies to get the latest on shipping dates and remind them that Scarlet lime Customers can't wait to use their products!   So we are making sure that these kits will go out as  close to the 10th as possible! :).  

Okay, now onto the news for March's debut day! 

Normally our kits go live, on our website (to the general public) on the 1st of each month. This month, due to some family obligations, we will be out of town the weekend of the 1st,  and so we have chosen to debut our website and the kits,  on Monday the 3rd. Again, for MARCH ONLY, kits will go live on the 3rd of March. This is also when our Artist Gallery will go live for March as well!

REMEMBER for those of you ON a subscription or on the waitlist for a subscription for March, YOUR e-mail links, will go out on the 25th (this coming Monday) at 1:00 p.m MST.  This means you will be able to purchase and view all of our March kits on Monday. (One of the perks of being a subscriber!). ALSO remember, that your payment  and link info will be sent to the e-mail address that is attached to your PAYPAL account. So if you don't frequently use that e-mail account or want me to send your payment link to a different e-mail, PLEASE send me an e-mail before then, letting me know the following information:

 **what e-mail to use and also what month and sub you are one (i.e., February 6 month sub). 

So watch for that e-mail coming Monday! It's going to be FUN!

also one LAST note: It seems we are having trouble with Comcast and Bellsouth users again. SO if you are on a sub and have an e-mail with those providers, please e-mail me if you don't get your e-mail link on Monday, and we will get it taken care of . Thanks!


Well thanks for letting me get through all of the mumbo jumbo above.. now let's get onto the fun!!




I love it when Scarlet Lime Subscribers e-mail me pictures of the projects and layouts they have completed with our kits. . This first layout comes from Bethany, who actually used our December kit to create this fun and unique 8x11 layout. Thank girl for sharing it with all of us! Make sure to check out her blog for more inspiration! http://documentingus.blogspot.com






Irene sent me this FABULOUS layout just today! I got so excited when she sent it, that I e-mail her back right away, asking if I could use it in tonight's  newsletter! She is all the way from Singapore.. thanks Irene for sharing this with us all! She also has a blog with more goodies to share.. check her out...







So I know most of you have seen the last newsletter we did, showing peeks of the papers for our March Main kit, but here is another peek at just SOME of the products included in this month's kit!

Remember that we teamed up with Making Memories this month to bring you the brand new 5th Avenue Line and as part of the kit, Making Memories is giving away a free set of Black and White Epoxy Buttons (show in the picture right (at the far right)...

included in each main kit!

This kit also includes a brand new products from Jenni Bowlin (she debuted her new line at CHA 2008), plus new Blackboard shapes from Cosmo Cricket and they are simply awesome! Oh and I love the handmade fabric flowers from one of my favorite Etsy shops!... and there is so much more!  I also posted the picture of the stamp included in this kit, though you have already seen it.. but just a reminder at how fun this kit is!

If you are still on the fence about joining us for a March subscription, we have just a few spots left... for more information on a March subscription, e-mail me at christy@scarletlime.com

Don't miss out!













Now onto our March Project Kit! This kit is also full of brand new goodies from CHA and some wonderful companies! Besides the fabulous paper (which you saw in our last newsletter), we also have some awesome products to go with it, INCLUDING an 8x8 Scarlet corduroy album from Chatterbox!  A lot of people have e-mailed me asking if this kit will include instructions like our normal project kits, and YES, I will show you four 8x8 layouts with instructions on how to complete those layouts!

Or you can simply use the album for another project and use this kit to create layouts of your own size and taste! 

Not only does this kit include fabulous paper and an album, BUT it also includes everything you have come to love and expect from our add-on kits.. Rubons (brand new from Jenni Bowlin), Alphabets, (the new Poolside Vinyl Thickers from American Crafts), Chipboard (new from Scenic Route), an Exclusive Stamp, Trims, flowers, Etsy finds and more! (yes those are the brand new RED label stickers from Scenic Route.. such a wonderful staple, but in a brand NEW color for CHA!).

This picture at left is just a peek at what's in sore for this kit. And don't forget the wonderful stamp below, that fits perfectly into tags includes in your kit, to add the finishing touches for your pages!

This kit is SO me and I just KNOW you will love it too!



Our last and final kit is our Mini kit! I know so many of you love our mini  kits, because they include a lot of product for the small price. This month this kit has a FUNKY vibe to it, and  features brand new papers from American Crafts, Scenic Route, Making Memories, Tinkering ink and EVEN a brand new paper from Sassafras, which isn't pictured, because it's SO NEW! It also includes brand new chipboard from Scenic Route and alphabet stickers from SEI. Plus brand new rubons from Cosmo Cricket and  the brand new Sweet Treat stickers from Sassafras as well! Plus THIS month, our mini kit includes it's OWN exclusive stamp.. that is over 3" wide!  and of course all the usual fun goodies like trims, buttons, flowers etc. It's a wonderful kit for the price of $13.50! You can't beat it! 





Well I promised BIG things for this newsletter's giveaway.. and I mean it! This month we are celebrating Making Memories and so what better way to celebrate, than to giveaway a 3 month subscription to the Scarlet Lime, (if you are currently on a sub, you will get three months for free!)  starting with the March KIT! ..  oh and wait.. we can't just give away ONE prize.. let's also give away 2 other kits as well! Besides our grand prize winner of a 3 month sub, we will also pick another winner to receive March's project kit, and a third  winner to receive march's mini kit! .  Simply post on today's   blog post  and you will be entered to win! We will pick out three names next week on Thursday, when we post our next newsletter and More peeks of March's kit! 

So make sure you check out our blog and get entered to win!

thanks for always being so great.. you all rock! have a wonderful night!

oh and If you aren't receiving our newsletter in your inbox and would like too..., simply e-mail me at 

Hugs to you all!