Citrus Splash Project Kit


Our last couple of projects have been pretty intense, so this month I thought it would be fun to create something fast and easy but still versatile enough you could use for a lot of things! This project can be used to sit just on an entry way table, in your office on an easel or evening hanging on the wall! IT can also just go directly into an album, as a "layout" as well! I love using Plexiglas which can be purchases at most Lumber stores like Home Depot.. and most glass shops. You can use a band saw to cut your own sizes, or most glass shops will cut them to the size you want! Perfect for creating your own projects and albums. PLUS you can even drill through Plexiglas using a regular hand drill, so you can create custom holes if you want to create mini albums. So keep that in mind as well :)  I hope you enjoy this project and also enjoy how easy it is to put together..

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.. Remember to share your finished projects on our flickr GROUP!





Your first step is to remove the thin film which covers BOTH sides of your Plexiglas piece. Most Plexiglas purchased at hardware stores (like Home Depot) or even glass shops, can be cut to the size you want, but will have a film of some sort over each side of the Plexiglas so it doesn't get scratched, so make sure you remove that first!



2. Next step is to cut 3 paper strips out of the paper that first your style best. I didn't use all of the paper in this kit on this project or the products).. so you will have PLENTY left over for layouts or even a mini album if you want. Once cut, adhere the paper to Plexiglas (I usually use a tape runner or glue dots.. those seem to work best).





3. Next place your picture over the paper as shown.









I just wanted to state that I didn't color or cover my chipboard in anyway on this project, I left it white.. because i wanted a nice white contrast to the other things going on.. however it would look cut either covered with paper OR painted or even inked. I inked one of the flowers from the same chipboard sheet as you can see in the first picture, just to get an idea of how the chipboard looks inked! pretty cute!





1. So the first step on the chipboard is to use the Kaiser Rubons to create some borders around one of the corners of the chipboard. I use two different rubons for this. Scroll down to the second picture too see more detail.






2. You can see here I left a 1/4" or so border around the inside of the frame, because i wanted to add another rubons to the inside of that. I cut out my rubons first and then adhered them, so I could brake up the borders.






3. Next use another rubon and add a second border to the inside of the set of rubons you already did.







3. Third step is to put adhesive on the back of your chipboard piece and adhere it to the Plexiglas as shown.












1. Next step is to place one of the Noteworthy Die-cut shapes overlapping the picture, Plexiglas, and chipboard (so now you are going to create layers on top of both.


As you can see I wanted to show you what different types of  Die-cut would look like because each of you received different shapes and sizes, I also tried using a "frame" from the Die-cut shapes and that looked pretty cute as well!








2. Next step is to use the rubons again and adhere rubons overlapping the paper, picture and die-cut shape.










1. Next step is to use one of the layered stickers from American Traditions and overlap the Die-cut, rubons and chipboard frame.






2. Then to just add a little detail to the rubons, I used the Kaiser gems and place them here and there on top of the rubon to create dimension






3. Next I added another border to the lower left hand corner of the frame, using more rubons (I LOVE rubons because you can do so much with them! and they create so many layers and details on your projects!)






4. Last step in this section was to add a gem to the corner of the the bottom..  just to add a little detail there too. I also added a button and a gem to the corner of the top right hand side of the frame.. to complete the detail as well.



1. Next I used the Numbers border stamp ( I only inked the first 1-0) and stamped overlapping the die-cut and the picture. The idea for this was that I have 6 kids and wanted to stamp the numbers, then circle the number 6, to showcase the number "6". As you can see in the second picture.












2. The final step was to use the Making Memories tiny Alpha stickers to spell the word Family under the numbers stamp.







As you can see it turned out fun but simple! I just placed it leaning against some other home decor items on my front entry way desk. You can also use the black or white ribbon in your kit to attach it to the frame and hang it on the wall or on a door. It can also sit on a easel as well! This project is SUPER fast but something fun for Summer!