Scarlet Lime

Ribbon Garland and Crepe Flower

By Emeline Seet

: I must begin by saying these are not your usual crepe flowers. These are created with a twist to make it look lush and dimensional. I was inspired by the ever colorful and eclectic mix in Scarlet Lime's October kits. The textured pleated ribbons, crepe paper and ribbon pack were potential ingredients to create something which is delightful and colorful ! 









Jenni Bowlin crepe pink paper pack (Frugal kit)
Pink Paislee Bayberry Cottage Pleats (Main/Frugal kit)
Lily Bee Audrey Tulle Flowers (Frugal kit)
American Craft Lively Dear Lizzy Ribbon (Frugal kit)
24 inch piece of wide ribbon (about 1" wide)



Crepe Flower Instructions
Step 1: Remove crepe paper from pack. Each pink stream measures 2 yards.
Cut a 2.5" diameter circle from cardboard. This will be the base.

Step 2: Fold the stream into half and halve them again. You should get 4 stripes each measuring 20 inches.

Step 3: Use running stitch along the entire length. Ruffles will be formed. Tie a knot at the end. Fluff the layers of ruffles along the edge by gently pulling the crepe paper away from each other.

Step 4: Encircle the cardboard circle with the ruffled crepe. Use hot glue for a permanent bond.

Step 5: Attach a smaller flower at the centre.










Garland Instructions
Step 1 : Cut 24 inch piece of wide ribbon for garland base.
Cut approximatelyy 35 strips of ribbon (about 3" in length).

Step 2 : Start from one end from the ribbon base, tie ribbon strips onto garland base.
Alternate with varying ribbons and tie all your ribbon across.

Step 3 : Strips should overlap so that there are little/no spaces in between.

Step 4: Hang embellishments to garland with ribbon.

Step 5 : Trim excess ribbon