Vintage Harvest Project Kit

 This fall kit garland is really versatile enough to create a "fall" themed garland.. or do as I have done, and create one featuring one of my favorite holidays... Halloween!!! This project was FUN and super easy to put together (I know, I know..  I say that each month.. but I guess each month I try to make them that way.. but this time I PROMISE it is! LOL)..   I made my garland about 3 feet long, but you have enough product and bakers twine to create one at least 6' long if you want (or even longer!) ... so you can customize it to fit wherever you may want to hang it (on a wall, door or even across a mantel!)  This is probably my most favorite project we have done all year.. I love to "dangle" things.. and this garland is all about creating small and easy, separate pieces and then simple hanging or "dangling"  them from the garland twine. I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did.. and remember.. you also have plenty of product to create some of the sample layouts in our gallery, or create some of your own...  can't wait to see what you do!

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Hugs and Enjoy!







First step is to create your main tags


1. I used the collage press journaling tags and cut them up using the card as a guide (you should get 6 total.. I only used 3.. but the more you use, the longer your banner will be).






2. Next I cut each one into a triangle, with the TOP and straight part of the triangle at the top of each page.. as shown left. (a trick is to cut out a triangle the size you want on a scratch piece of paper first.. then trance them onto the pack of each journaling card, so they are all the same size).. though I think it would be cute to have different sizes of triangles :)





3. This next step is purely optional according to taste.. but I took my scalloped scissors and cut across the top of each triangle.. this was for a more dainty look.. but using pinking sheers or even a border punch, could make it more Halloweens.. (a cut little "bat" border punch would be cute too!)..  Or just leave them straight!





4. Next, because I wanted an "eyelet" look, i punch holed in each of my scalloped edges.. with my hole punch.







As you can see now they have a more eyelet look to them.. again this is only optional, and actually would be cute with a zigzag scissor or pinking sheers too..

Before I began doing any of my little tags and project that will hand from the garland.. I also cut several widths of strips of paper from each paper.. that i could easily use throughout the process.   you will only use a tiny bit of paper.. because these tags will be so small, so keep that in mind when cutting. as you may want to save some of your paper for layouts.. (or even to cut more triangle tags out of!)..



So the next steps are to create and decorate all the pieces of the garland.. the first one we are going to work on is tag one.  For the first step.. simply place one of the Making Memories circle journaling tags onto the tag







2. Add  a strip of yellow cardstock and and then staple a strip of black trim on top.








3. Next I placed two VERY small pictures overlapping them all (these pictures are only about 1"x2" in size..)







4. Next I added a rubons border to the top of the tag








Almost done! I put a fun felt flower in the top right corner..







Then finished off the flower with a button!







Final step I actually added the words " Spooktacular" along down the side of the tag..  (you can see it there in the corner) and then added some of the grunge rubons here and there on the edges, just to give the tag more dimension.. I actually did this to all the tags, as you will see.










The middle tag I did black.. so it went cream, black and then cream..


1. For this tag I added two strips of paper.. as shown.




2. Next I added my picture and this time, I cut the picture to fit the shape of the tag







3. Next I added a Heidi Grace border sticker..












4. Then added another one running along top of the tag and also added the word "spooky" with the tiny alphabet stickers..



5.  I added another little flower (there are a lot of these.. so I alternated the project with stars and flowers.. as you will see on the finished project)..






6. Then l added one of the sequins flowers on top! I didn't have a white pen, but I plan to add a little bit of journaling on the tag as well!






Last I added some of the blacker grunge rubons to the edges.. as you can see.












Third tag is a cream tag.. and this one I adhered a strip of purple paper that I zigzagged the bottom edge on.. onto the tag.. then adhered the black ribbon on top.







2.Next I used the Oct. 31 sticker on top of the paper






3. Third step was to add one of the chipboard stars, I left this star it's raw color and then added some of the grunge rubons here and there on the star.. to give it a vintage feel.








4. Next I added my son's picture..








5. Then finished it off with a button.









6.Then of course finished it off with more grunge rubons..













Next I did all three of my metal rimmed tags, I actually did the owl stamp on each one..( I had the stamp made to fit inside of the tag.. fun huh? LOL)...











1. next I wanted to give a BIT more dimension to the tag.. so I took orange, green, yellow,  brown and blue ink and just inked it here and there on top of the owl image







2. Next I  covered one of the stars with the black fabric and then cut off the excess (the easiest way to cover chipboard with fabric it to first use a tape runner (I used the Fiskars tape runner) and put it all over the top of the star.. then I adhered the fabric to it.. then turned it over and cut around the star. taking off the excess fabric..





3. Then you have a nice clean image on the other side..






4. Last step I place it onto the owl tag (GLUE Dots work the very best.. and you will probably need 3 or 4 big ones).. then I used  the star sequin on top.


I decorated the two other owl tags with similar items.. buttons, flowers, the tiny alpha stickers.. be creative!





Next step was to cut out several of the circle tags from the Teresa Collins paper.. LOVE this paper.. seriously.. so much you can do with it! I cut out like 4 or five.. because as you can see in the finished banner.. you can't have too many! LOL


Since I made my garland a Halloween theme.. I used the letters B, O, (and a Zero) to create the word "boo" from the Jenni Bowling Alpha tags.  If this was a fall garland, you could use several other words instead! It only comes with one of each letter.. but since you have the large letter stickers from Scrapworks as well, you could also cut out some of your own tags from the patterned paper you have and create longer words alternating the Jenni Bowling tags and your own.. How CUTE!

I decorated each letter with buttons, glitter, flowers, etc.. just to give it a bit more dimension



I had another chipboard star left, the biggest one, so I inked it first with orange in, then used the circle stamp included in your kit.. and just randomly inked it here and there..



Now it's time to put it all together!!


First step is to cut a piece of twine twice as long as you want  your banner to be ( I wanted mine to be 30" long, so I cut mine 60" long.. then doubles it. as shown).

Next I put two loops at the end of each side.. to use to string onto the nail or pins you use to hang it on the wall with..



Next I laid it all out on the floor, where I wanted each piece to go, and then I cut a piece of twine for each of my little tags and started tying them onto the main twine.. I didn't tie a really tight knot.. which allowed me to move each piece back and forth along the main twice.. as I needed to.. as I placed more objects on..

Once you get done, you can always take a step back and see where you might want to add more circle tags.. or more picture.. etc.. keep that in mind that you can always add more!


Below are up-close pictures of how my garland turned out.. enjoy!