She Matters  Art Retreat



hey friends! I am super (not even sure if that word describes it).. SUPER DUPER excited to finally be hosting my VERY OWN art retreats. 

nestled in my little hometown of Shelley, Idaho.  


I love connecting with other women, I love sharing my love of art, and love creating long and lasting friendships that just can't be formed any other way then through art.  I honestly don't love traveling and teaching for a lot of reason.. but the main two are I don't like being away from my family.. (my husband and 6 kids).. and I don't like teaching at someone else's place where I am on their time schedule and limited to what they can do.  So in 2013 I have decided to not travel for teaching, except ONE engagement I promised my dear friend Jenny Doh I would AND now my own restreat at the end of the year in Puerta Vallarta Mexico with ms. Junelle Jacobsen. But For the most part I really just wanted to stay home.  I KNEW I would miss connecting on that personal level with other artist.. and so the idea of having my own personal art retreat was born.  I will be hosting 2 retreats in May  which are already sold out, as well as THIS one now for September.  They will be VERY small and intimate retreats. only 6 total people. I really want this experience to be TRULY one where we are all just a big happy family, creating and learning and getting  to know each other in a way you can not GET in a big setting. So I am keeping in small. I also want you to have plenty of room to spread out and create. I could probably cram 12 people into my studio, but just the word "cram" makes me uptight. That is not why I am doing ... However I already have a waitlist of over 40 people.. so I decided to only have 6 spots would make some of you sad.. so Ben and I came up with a Plan to have two weekends.. that means a total of 12 people can attend.  SO want to know more about the retreat and what it includes? Here we go! 



This retreat will be held at my personal studio in Shelley, Idaho. The studio is located on our new  residence that we HOPE to be moved into by March :) cross our fingers!!  So you will be able to come and spend time with me, in my home, In my studio.. and be apart of my everyday surrounding.  You will be coming in September when the leaves are changing and it's just a gorgeous time of year on our property! 


Note: We do have an airport 10 minutes away in Idaho Falls. Airport code: IDA.   It's a very costly airport but the next closest one is 3 hours away in Salt Lake city Utah. HOWEVER there is a semi private/shared shuttle that runs from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls Airport.. for around $40 each way.. which is CRAZY insane good. I use them all the time to travel because gas is more expensive for me to drive to Salt Lake on my own and then park my car for however long I am gone. SO if you want to fly into Salt Lake City (which is a Major airport and usually VERY decent prices)  let me know and I will work out the Shuttle for you. (I can even take care of it on my end and just charge you in Paypal for that if you want ) or you can fly directly into Idaho Falls, and we will pick you up there. What ever best fits your budget and needs



You will arrive Tuesday sometime and Tuesday night we will have an official welcome time. Then we will create art and other activities Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be an "open" day.. for you to just create, walk the grounds and sketch, hang out and relax, sleep, ANYTHING you like. If some of you are wanting to get home before the weekend is over, you can also plan to go home Saturday. Saturday is just an open "ahhhh"  day.. to end the week with a peaceful.. relaxing feeling.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be creating art, visiting my favorite places to gain inspiration.. eating at some of my favorite down home diners, and more. I want you to really get a taste of what my life is like and where I live. My kids will be around to help you as well with anything. The actual dates available are below.





WHAT you can expect: 


  I want nothing more than for you to come and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about where you are staying, etc. I want this to truly be a family experience. So I will be opening up my home to you to stay.. whether it's my new house.. or the one I currently live in.. we will have a fun, cozy, warm and inviting place for you to sleep and stay while you are here. IF by chance (and it's a SUPER SUPER small chance) that we haven't moved into our new house by then, I will provide hotel rooms for you. But let's just plan on you staying in my new house. 

Since it will be in my house, please keep in mind.. this is a lived in everyday house. SO you will be using one of the bedrooms of my 6 kids.. AND possibly sharing a bedroom with another roommate. (you will have your own beds for sure.. just  might be sharing a room).  I really want you to feel like you are apart of my home and house while you are here. 

All of your meals will be included. Most will be home cooked meals. Dutch oven style, bbq style and more. I want you to feel like home. Delicious warm home cooked meal. We will go out a couple of times.. just to take you to a couple of my MOST FAVORITE places to eat. But all in all.. it will be a fun delicious experience. 

ALL of your art materials will be included.. except your personal paint brushes or any personal images,  etc that you would want to include on canvases.  I will have some of my own on hand you are welcome to use, but if you have something you like.. bring them! EVERYTHING else will be included. I want you to come and not have to worry or spend More money on supplies just to get here. I know a lot of art retreats do that.. (i am signed up for one right now that I paid $$$$ for and I still have to bring all of my supplies! Yikes! lol) 

I just don't want that for you. What a hassle and frustration for you to bring something. So just come :) 

Also keep in mind.. this is a TOTALLY casual retreat. I will probably be in my sweats or pj's the entire time. You won't find me dressed up in fancy clothes or cute outfits lol. OKay.. I won't take you out to dinner or in public in my pjs.. I mean I do when I go, but I won't when you are here.. :)  So COME comfy. If you want to create in Pj's. I LOVE IT! if you like to get dressed up when you create.. I LOVE IT! there are no rules. I just want you to FEEL LIKE YOURSELF. you will accomplish SO much more if you feel like your heart can just relax. 







What we will be doing: 

Besides taking you to some of my favorite places through my town.  I will be sharing with you some of my favorite art techniques, as well as making two large canvases.. that I want you to have PLENTY of time to spend on. Using and learning technique and flow. The idea behind this retreat is to come LEARN my process.. not finish a certain number of canvases. It's to see how I create, learn what my process is.. and then make it your own. My process just doesn't involve putting paint on a canvas. It involves the inspiration process, the heart and soul that goes into it. You may walk away with only backgrounds on canvas. or you may walk away with finished Ones. It's up to you. We will be doing ONE she art girl.. on one of the canvas. They will be large in size and we can ship those home for you, for actual shipping costs, if you would like us to. But just come and enjoy and learn and create! 

We will have some "down" time through out the day. I know since we will all be staying at the same house.. sometimes we just need to get out and stretch, take a breather, relax.. clear our minds, etc. So we will have scheduled times during each day that you will have "me" time. You can use that time to create, you can use it to wander our property and sit and sketch, you can use it to go take a nap in the house.. or snuggle up on the couch in the living room and  watch a movie.. whatever YOU would like! My house is your house. :) So we will have a few of those times scheduled in. Plus time between "outings" etc.. to get ready.. and stuff. Its gonna be AWESOME! 





So.. if you are ready to take the plunge and join me! Here is the dates for the event: 

September Retreat: 

Tuesday September 24th- Saturday September 28th   

Cost is $1599.00 per person

 (you can choose to leave late Saturday or early.. or even if your flight leaves Sunday morning, NO worries.. we will house you for that if needed)

Payment OPTIONS: 

One: Pay in full

Two: Pay half now (799.50) and other half August 1st 

Three: Pay a $200 deposit now, then April 1st pay $699.50 and August 1st, Pay $699.50 (or you can pay it off anytime in full before March 1st)  . The $200 deposit IS NON refundable (if you choose to cancel before your second payment).  however it does apply to your total. 



I will ALSO be hosting a retreat this year in Mexico with the WONDERFUL Junelle Jacobson! 

This retreat will be December 9th-13th 


For info on THIS retreat CLICK HERE or sign up to the right. 


(keeping in mind you may be sharing a room with someone.. in my home).

Again everything is included in the cost. You can pay the entire payment upfront, OR you can pay half down and the other half by August 15th. Because of the nature of the retreat, and the small number of attendees, cancellations must be done before June 1st.. as to allow us time to contact another person on the waitlist and give them ample time to buy a decent plane ticket to the event. You will receive a full refund if you cancel BEFORE June 1st  ONLY if you chose the half and half option. If you chose the $200 hold spot option, the $200 will not be refunded.  After June 1st. there will be no refund for cancellations. Sorry.

if you have any questions that you can't find on here.. PLEASE email me!


look forward to seeing you in 2013!



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