She Matters  Art Retreat MEXICO 

with Christy Tomlinson & Junelle Jacobsen! 



Hola! Are you ready for a Fiesta? I am so excited to be hosting my She Matters Art Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  

AND if that wasn't enough excitement.. the special and wonderful and talented MS. Junelle Jacobsen will be joining me as well!

Can you say FUN FUN FUN?  



I love connecting with other women, I love sharing my love of art, and love creating long and lasting friendships that just can't be formed any other way then through art.  I honestly don't love traveling and teaching for a lot of reasons.. but the main two are I don't like being away from my family.. (my husband and 6 kids).. and I don't like teaching at someone else's place where I am on their time schedule and limited to what they can do.  So in 2013 I have decided to not travel for teaching, and this will be only ONE of two different retreats I will be traveling for this year! So you know it will be fabulous! 



This workshop will be held in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico at Hacienda Mosaico owned by the WONDERFUL Sam (a girl) Leonard who lives there full time and has a full studio of her own the grounds. This beautiful private art sanctuary is nestled RIGHT off the main tourist drive but down 2 blocks of quiet cobble stone streets. Once inside you feel like you have entered a tropical oasis beyond your wildest dreams! Tropical Plants, lush trees, flowers of all kinds surround every walkway, sitting area, hidden hammocks and more! I was there a full week and didn't even realized I hadn't walked around the entire grounds! Everyday I kept finding new places to sit and read, sketch or take a nap! A TRULY Cozy, beautiful, inspirational setting! Sam has taken GREAT care to make this an ART studio. Every detail in her Hacienda is done with the love of Art. Tables, chairs, lights, fixtures, rugs, EVEN the pool where all done by local and artist abroad! It truly is a unique experience to be surrounded by such amazing art in all it's forms! 

The art studio is just a short 5 mins from the airport... an easy peasy taxi ride.. and once here.. you will really have no reason to leave except for dinner 3 of the nights (you can order in pizza or pasta from local restaurants if you wish).  BUT should you choose to venture out,  there are a dozen or so cute little restaurants, shops, taco stands, coffee shops, drug stores, etc.. all within 30 steps to 2 blocks away.

If you really want to explore, all the fun gift shops, art galleries, the beach and many many many more restaurants, and stores off all kinds are all within walking distance or a short 5 min taxi ride away.  TRULY its just so conveniently located to everything! 

I know people worry about safety when traveling to Mexico, but you have to remember is that those are parts of Mexico which are unsafe,  are close to the boarder of the US.  Puerto Vallarta is a HUGE tourist town, as well as a port for Cruise ships (the cruise ships dock in just a 1/2 mile from the airport). The people who live there DEPEND on the revenue from the cruise ships visitors and other people who choose to come vacation in Puerto Vallarta in the many all inclusive resorts.. so the community makes a HUGE effort to keep it safe and clean. I was there myself just in December of this last year and we walked EVERYWHERE. Even at 11:00 a night we went out and found  taco places still open. If you aren't up for walking, like I said our host of Hacienda Mosocia, Sam.. will call for a taxi asap and you will be able to drive anywhere you would like to go. The adorable coffee shop, which serves sandwiches, coffee, crepes, salads, (more American style food) is literally 30 steps away. Right across the narrow cobble stone street from the Hacienda. So don't worry for getting around during your stay. There will always be someone who will want to go with you! Promise! 



You will arrive Monday into Puerta Vallerta and take a short 5 min Taxi ride to the Hacienda. Sam will be there to greet you and she will show you your room, let you unwind and unpack your art supplies in the open air art studio.  Then she will have light snacks and drinks for us around 6:00 pm.  

At 7:00 (or around there :)) Junelle and I will welcome you to the retreat and talk a little bit about how the week will go. We will also have our first art session that night (nothing like getting right to it!) Don't worry it will be something light hearted and simple. Just to ease yourself into the workshop for the week! 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will have full art days. Breakfast and lunch are included in these days. Classes will be from 10:00-1 and then 2-5.  Wednesday, we end class at 4:00 and head on an excursion to the local art store and handmade paper store where you will just die with all the beautiful Mexican made art goodies they have!

 After class each day, you are free to grab dinner, take a soak in the pool, curl up for a nap with on one of the many cozy sitting areas or you are free to continue painting! The studio is open 24/ if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and cant sleep.. feel free to go to the studio and create! I am sure I will be there on a few late nights playing myself :). You can't help not want to just create.. with the beautiful quiet, relaxing surroundings.

ALSO note.. Thursday night I will be hosting a very special dinner for you! So Thursday night, dinner is included! 

Friday we will have one last art session from 10-1 and then you will have the afternoon (after lunch) to just explore the city, visit the beach, the local art galleries. Whatever your heart desires. You can also just stay and paint if you wish! The rest of the day is just YOUR day to relax and spend the last afternoon doing what YOU want to do. Saturday morning, Sam will have breakfast for you and be able to call you a taxi to the airport! Easy peasy! 





WHAT you can expect: 

The cost of the retreat includes your housing for the entire week it also includes breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Friday and breakfast Saturday morning. . Monday night will also have some delicious appetizers, as well as a HUGE 5 course meal Thursday night for dinner.. poolside.  You also have access to the entire art studio grounds at Hacienda Mexico, including the pool, sitting areas, hammocks, etc. 

If you would like any special accommodation.. Sam is ALWAYS on hand to get them for you. She also had a honor roll wet bar, where you can get yourself snacks or drinks throughout the week (you keep track of what you take and pay at the end of the week). There is also a guest kitchen on site, where you can fix light snacks or a meal for dinner if you would like to not leave the hacienda at all. Really you have access to EVERYTHING Sam has. She is amazing! And she will get everything and anything for you! Your room will be cleaned each day and fresh towels will be provided! You won't have anything to worry about!

Keep in mind you will be sharing a room with another student! BUT Sam has tastefully and beautifully done up each room to make it comfortable for each guest it in the room. We will have a small group of no more than 12 women.. and so just count on becoming VERY close with everyone! I know these will be relationships you will cherish forever! 

 Some of your materials will be included. A list of what you DO need to bring is below!

Also keep in mind.. this is a TOTALLY casual retreat. When I was there in December attending an art retreat myself. I ended up wearing the SAME clothes everyday for painting. I brought comfy and lightweight jersey pants/gauchos and a simple black lightweight shirt. I wore it everyday. I kid you not. lol. Of course when we went out during the day to visit the art shops, I did change into something else. But keep in mind.. it's humid in Mexico. It's a GREAT time of year to go, not to hot, but the studio is outside (totally covered though). So just be comfortable. I wore fliipflops each day too. At night when I painted, I changed into sweats and a sweatshirts. Wear stuff you don't mind getting paint on. Bring an apron if you do. BUT I will stress this is NOT a fashion show lol. I attend so many art retreats where people dress in their very best and hair all done and jewelry and high heel shoes. IF THAT Is what you are comfortable in painting.. by all means wear it. But for me.. you will see me with no make up. My hair everyday and my same black shirt and black gauchos on that I mentioned above lol. I promise there will be NO judging if you wear the same paint shirt or airy paint dress everyday. PROMISE! :) xoxo 











What we will be doing: 

This retreat is all about realizing your special unique individual soul! She matters is just that. YOU Matter! You truly do! So does your mother, your sister, your friend. We all do. 

I will be showing with you many different techniques for creating my signature She Art girls. We will begin with with sketching, building layers and unique gorgeous backgrounds. Then we will work on creating the girls with two similar techniques but totally different results. We will leave one girl faceless but use paints to give the look of a face, and the other we will paint a face on her using techniques I have come to love.  We will complete 2 finished canvases during the week from my class.  

Junelle will be teaching sketching, art journaling , watercolor and also small canvas projects! All inspired by nature and women! She brings her unique whimiscal style of art.. and also her fun loving, Adorable and loving personality! This will be a treat for me as well! 

 I will teach three hours of class per day, and Junelle will teach 3 hours as well. . We will have lunch provided in the middle.. and the FOOD .. can I tell you? AMAZING!!!  All handmade, fresh.. you will be in LOVE!   

Just come with a open mind, ready to relax, learn, create, ponder and get SUPER DUPER messy with artsy goodness! This will be something you will never forget and never regret experiencing! 




So.. if you are ready to take the plunge and join Junelle and I,  here is the date for the Mexican She ARt Matters Retreat.  

Mexico Retreat 

December  Monday the 9th-  Saturday the 13th.  

Cost is $1850.00 per person

Payment OPTIONS: 

One: Pay in full

Two: Pay half now (925.00) and other October 1st. . 

Three: Pay a $200 deposit now, then March 1st pay $825.00 and October 1st, Pay $825.00 (or you can pay it off anytime in full before March 1st).  The $200 deposit IS NON refundable (if you choose to cancel before your second payment).  however it does apply to your total. 



 Because of the nature of the retreat, and the small number of attendees, cancellations must be done before September 1st.. as to allow us time to contact another person on the waitlist and give them ample time to buy a decent plane ticket to the event. You will receive a full refund if you cancel BEFORE September  ONLY if you chose the half and half option. If you chose the $200 hold spot option, the $200 will not be refunded.  After September 1st, there will be no refund for cancellations. Sorry.

if you have any questions that you can't find on here.. PLEASE email me!

look forward to seeing you in 2013!



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