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hello! below you will find information on how to signup for the Scarlet Lime  Box Sticker Society Kit club! 

This kit was designed specifically for those who like to use "box" stickers in their planners. This kit will include the following each month: 

Half sheet of Full Box Sticker Sheet

Half Sheet of Clipboard Box Sticker Sheet

 Half Sheet of Half box stickers, Quarter Box Stickers and Washi Strips

 Quarter Sheet of Icons,  Headers Stickers and checklist stickers! 

 a mini sheet of  decorative stickers! 


You can join our facebook group "The Planner Society Official group" or follow me on Instagram "theplannersociety" and see ALL of our past kits! )    

These boxes are designed to fit specifically any Box style planning, including the Erin Condren, Inkwell Press, Paper Source planner, the Happy Planner, and box style inserts from etsy shops like Annie Plans printables,the 1407 planner, Sew Much crafting and more.   The size of the full boxes are 1.5" x 2". 



Please read the following before you sign up!


Kit Costs & Shipping info



 If you are a current Planner Society or Sticker Society Subscriber and you have an active billing and shipping kit, you will be able to add this sub to your kit shipment for free . This kit retails for $17.50 but Planner Society Kit club members will get the discounted price of $14.95 and FREE SHIPPING. 


If you are NOT currently a member to our Planner Society or Sticker Society Kits,  you may still sign up for the BOX Sticker Society Kit Subscription.  

Kit cost is $17.50 plus shipping:  Shipping is as follows:  US: $2.99, Canada & Mexico: $3.95  All other international $5.95




We take official signups from the 1st- 14th of each month. We use Paypal for our subscriptions billing service and all info on your Scarlet Lime subscription kit will be found in Paypal once you sign up, including address changes, CC changes, etc.  Paypal will charge you on the day you sign up, and we only take autobill signups the 2nd-14th of each month.  You  will receive your kit when it ships the 17th-20th of each month. Also note, Paypal bills you the same day each month, which is the date you first signed up. So if you sign up today, and today is the 7th, next month, your second payment, would be taken out on the 7th, as well as the month following, etc. 

 The kit cost is $14.95 per month if you are a current subscriber to any of our other subscription kits, PLUS it will ship free plus flat rate shipping. 

If you are not a current subscriber and want this kit only, the kit cost is 


If not shipping is as follows:   



This subscription does NOT end until you cancel it. However we do require a 3 month minimum membership, at which time, after 3 months, you can email us and cancel anytime without penalty AS LONG as we receive one month notice of your cancellation. If you wish to cancel your sub before the 3 months is up, there is a $20.00 cancellation fee and  50% of the remainder of the subscription. Whichever is greater. We also require ONE Month notice from the FIRST of the month,  on all cancellations.. So for example. if you want to cancel starting in February,  you would need to email us BEFORE January 1st (So anytime on December 31st OR before that day), , to let us know that you wish to cancel, as after that time, your kit for the following month will have been already ordered for you. 



remember our kits ship the 17th- 21st of each month.  So if you sign up for February, your kit ships February 17th-21st. If any of these dates fall on a weekend, we ship the next postal service business day (our post office is not open on Saturdays).

 You will receive an email through when your kit has shipped and it goes to your paypal email. Often times it goes into spam, so check there for that tracking info. Kits will be mailed first class, so keep that in mind



  If you NEED To change your address to your kit, during your subscription or your credit card: 

PLEASE FOLLOW the instructions below, OR your address or credit card WILL NOT be changed for your sub. 

Go to Paypal, Sign into your Account. Click on My PROFILE, from there go to MY SETTINGS, Then go to MY MONEY: then you will see options, and go to the  "Pre-approved payments", option and then click on Update. Once you open that, you will see listed any subscriptions you have. If you have two subs with us (both a Sticker sub and a Planner kit), then make sure you update BOTH. BOTH for credit cards, and BOTH for Address changes

. If you only change your address and credit card info in your main paypal account, it will NOT affect the sub, as you have only authorized paypal to ship your kit to the address you entered when you first signed up, and you only authorized them to use the card/bank info when you first signed up. So you need to go into that sub and authorized those changes to be made. 

For address changes, also please email me, so I can make sure when your payment comes in, it was done properly and your kit gets to the right place! 

 email us at with that change.


If you have any questions, you can email me at

Also its important to note that you will need to make sure my email address is on your safe sender list, or you may miss my reminder emails. 



MAKE SURE IF YOU WANT TO ADD THIS KIT TO A CURRENT PLANNER SUBSCRIPTION, to choose the CURRENT SUBSCRIBER option at the bottom of the drop down menu. 





We take signups the 2nd-14th of each month! We will take signups for October until the 14th or until we are full. If October kits fill up before the 14th, we will begin taking signups to being your sub in November instead, until the 14th.  

Note: If subscribe button is not letting you add the kit to  your cart, it means we are full for August and we are in the process of manually changing the signups over to October so just be patient and check back in a few minutes (refresh your screen).

 IF you can add the subscribe button to your cart, Wahoo! YOUR kit will start in September! 

By signing up below, you are agreeing to the terms of our subscriptions, and your first kit will bill and ship in September as per the info above and bill today.

Please make sure to choose the correct shipping option below, or it will affect shipping of your kit.


IF you sign up October 2nd or 3rd for new subscription below, you will be sent a link the evening of the 4th with the opportunity to purchase a September kit!


Please Choose your Country from the Drop down Menu Below



IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SIGN UP FOR ALL FOUR KITS AND HAVE THEM ALL BILL TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME PLEASE EMAIL US as you will need a different link to do that, please don't signup here.