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It's March.. can you believe it?  It seems like yesterday we were getting ready to leave for CHA and now here we are! February was a crazy month for us.. getting back from CHA, getting all of our orders in for the FABULOUS products we saw at CHA! I also had the opportunity to spend a week attending Brave Girls camp.. which was one of the most amazing... AMAZING.. experiences of my life. LIFE CHANGING!! Can I just tell you? well I will.. i have some pictures and some stuff I really want to share with you about this very special retreat.. if you ask my friends and family.. I can't stop talking about how life changing it was for me.. so I can't wait to share it!  In this newsletter.. we have some wonderful new inspiration from our gallery members.. sneak peeks of what's in store for April AND some cool stuff to share! Can you feel the energy? I feel it! Spring is here and I am ready to ROCK and ROLL!  I hope you enjoy this newsletter.. and I wish you a very happy day! 







Member Gallery Inspiration!

Each month as you know we  feature layouts from our Members gallery in our newsletter! It's a great place to get inspiration from fellow subscribers on how to use your kits!  So start uploading your layouts today! you just might find your layout in our next newsletter! 

On of this month's featured  layouts is from Tomomi's Gallery!  This layout uses our January main kit and i LOVE how she incorporated the paint from Kaisercrafts into her layout! She used it to create texture to the paper behind the picture. I also love how she handcut out the birds from Melody Ross's paper and put them into her layouts as well! Genius!  




Another Featured layout this month is  using our February main kit! The thing I love best about this thinking outside the box! This kit screams spring and yet I love how Snowdropz, used it to showcase family snow pictures from Winter!... Brilliant!  Thanks for sharing~ 











LIFE CHANGING!! So as I mentioned above, in February, I was able to attend the retreat put on by my dear friend,  Melody Ross and her sister Kathy, called Brave Girls Camp. She invited me to come as a guest.... and I thought.. sure! why not?! I will sleep, relax.. catch-up with friends (my dear friend Margie Romney-Aslett was attending as well).... just hang out.  I Almost didn't go.. as I had so much work to do, trying to get our new BeadArt website up.. but I knew I needed the break or I would burn out. So I hopped on a plane and went. First let me say,  I have attended several events/retreats over the years in the scrapbooking/art industry.. so I thought I knew what I was in for.. boy was I wrong!!! (and that is an understatement)... From the moment I got into the shuttle, that takes you up to the retreat (it's in the mountains, up at a cabin).. I knew this was going to be different. We were all given a sweet little gift bags, filled with personal notes from the Brave Girls staff, yummy treats, and wonderful music to enjoy on the way up. Our host, Melody Ross, wasn't on the shuttle.. but when we arrive just down the road from where we would be staying the shuttle stopped and we could see Mel, walking up, arm and arm with other wonderful Brave Girl staff.. ready to greet us. I can't tell you everything that happened, because if you go.. I want it to be a wondrous surprise.. but I can say from that moment on.. was WOW.. indescribable. From the detail of the decor (personal pictures strung everywhere on the walls, over the doors..) from the most delicious handmade food.. to the wonderful music..(i can still hear the song they played each night when dinner was ready.. "everybody everybody wants to love...everybody everybody wants to be loved!").. I was just so NOT prepared for what I was going to get out of this event.. I could talk about it all day long.. infact I do! lol.. I share it with all my friends and family.. all the women I know and love.. because if there is ONE thing you should do for yourself.. you NEED to go this event.. I call it Art Therapy.. it was the most unforgettable experience I have had in a very long time. I keep saying life changing.. but I mean it.. it was life changing..  


I am going to be posting more about it on my blog in the next week.. but I just wanted to show you a tidbit of the things we did.. Art Therapy.. Good stuff.. This is a book I created while I was there (one of many).. an altered book (which by the way, is put together by the way ENTIRELY with Mod Podge!! I am addicted now!!) but this one was a book to myself.. Dear Christy.. (wont say more.. you have to go to find out what I am talking about).. but this book has so much meaning for me.. anyhow.. I just had to share a little bit of my experience with you.. The people I met there.. including staff and the other attendees (there was 30 of us total including staff.. they keep it very intimate).. will be life long friends... over the week I learned so much about each one of them.. about myself.. and wow.. we are amazing BRAVE women! 


Melody has 3 more coming up this year..  I believe is in this event so much, I am going again in October, not as an attending this time, but to volunteer as one of the host/staff helpers.. I want to every year.. as I truly believe it changes lives! I can't wait to be apart of that for someone else..  So if you are thinking about going.. GO.. do it! It's worth it.. you will never regret it.. can't even explain it!

Thanks for letting me share!   


To find out more.. check out the Brave Girls website 



or Mel's blog



Melody Ross Blog

So as I mentioned above.. in February, I was working really hard to get our new BeadArt website done.. and guess what?? We finally launched it the first week of March! I am so excited about this new site.. I love all types of art.. scrapbooking, fabric, painting.. and yes of course Jewelry! We have launched new NeckArt kits, TrinketArt.. BeadArt.. and more to come! If you haven't seen our new website for our Do it yourself JewelryArt kits.. you have to check it out! We will be debuting new kits every month... including bracelets, earrings, Necklaces, WatchArt.. I can't wait! make sure you check it out today! Also check out our newsletter giveaway below.. we will be giving away some kits as part of our March giveaway!


you can also get to it from our scarlet lime website!  







Meet our sponsor for this month's newsletter.. she is a dear friend of mine.. ALL the way from Israel! Limor David.. who is an avid Scarlet Lime subscriber for several years now.. but she also owns a store in Israel.. and sells handcut Hebrew letters and shapes! You have to check out her website... she has GREAT ideas on how to use them, plus a wonderful supply of scrapbooking products at her online store.. She will be giving away some of her cool Art designs.. below!


So who doesn't love a sale?!!!  Well march madness is in full swing.. so we thought we would join in the fun and have a March madness Scrapbook sale!  We have put together two types of awesome grab bags.. Embellishment Grab Bags.. and Coordinating Kit Grab Bags! Both of them are at a SUPER steal price.. and include a ton of amazing product.. exclusive stamps.. and more! Check it out by clicking on the link below!

Grab Bag Sale



                         Sneak Peek! 







As many of you know.. a lot of our color combinations for our kits are inspired by so many things.. fashion, fabrics, scrapbooking layouts.. you name it.. it inspires me! Well about a year ago, I saw this amazing layout in Creating Keepsakes magazine.. the thing I loved most about it was the color combination of this layout.. red, black, yellow and turquoise.  When I saw it I knew someday I wanted to create a Scarlet Lime kit, based on that color scheme.. but could just never find the right papers to combine to create it..  I about died, when I went to CHA in February.. and saw in the Lily Bee Designs booth.. this color combination as one of their new releases! I was SO excited! I knew it was going to be one of our kits! I was even more ecstatic when i found other bit and pieces that matched to create a unique but colorful kit! I hope you love it! Watch for it's debut on April 1st! If you aren't a subscriber and want to be one.. e-mail me with info on getting onto our waitlist which opens up on the 28th! Or check back on our website on the 28th of this month, and click on either the join page or the kits page to subscribe for April! Or email me at



March Newsletter Giveaway!

This month we have two giveaways!    One lucky winner will receive a sample pack of Practical Magic's Hebrew Die-cut letters! 

The other winner will receive a NeckArt Kit, necklace and matching WatchArt kit and watch.. from Scarlet Lime BeadArt! 

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