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hello! below you will find information on how to signup for the Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit club! 

Our Kit is designed to fit ALL sizes of planners and ALL of the product included in our kits each month are 100%  Exclusive. Our kits are NOT holiday themed and not Month specific. Meaning once you receive them, you can use them anytime! In General our kits  includes 6 sheets of paper (double sided with a total of 6 unique exclusive designs), specialty papers, notepads, sticky notes, unique paperclips, planner stickers, planner stamps, charms, embellishments, and more!  We change it up each month,  so not each month will have the same items or same number of items in the kit, but there will always be a similar retail value of the kit.


Please read the following before you sign up!

We take NEW subs the 2nd-15th of each month! 





We take official signups from the 2nd- 14th of each month. We use Paypal for our subscriptions billing service and all info on your Scarlet Lime subscription kit will be found in Paypal once you sign up, including address changes, CC changes, etc.  Paypal will charge you on the day you sign up, and we only take autobill signups the 2nd-15th of each month. 

Your kit ships the 17th-21st of each month unless any of those dates fall on a weekend, then they ship the next consecutive business days after.

Also note, Paypal bills you the same day each month, which is the date you first signed up. So if you sign up today, and today is the 7th, next month, your second payment, would be taken out on the 7th, as well as the month following, etc. 

 The kit cost is $24.95 per month, plus flat rate shipping.  US is $6.95, Canada & Mexico $14 and all other International $21

we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, that have been shipped with a tracking number via We also are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that ship outside the united states. Please know you will be provided with a tracking number when it ships, but if you have concerns about recieving packages overseas, we do not replace packages overseas that are lost or stolen. By signing up you are agreeing to these terms.



This subscription does NOT end until you cancel it. However we do require a 3 month minimum membership, at which time, after 3 months, you can email us and cancel anytime without penalty AS LONG as we receive one month notice of your cancellation. If you wish to cancel your sub before the 3 months is up, there is a $20.00 cancellation fee and OR 50% of the remainder of the subscription. Whichever is greater. We also require ONE Month notice from the FIRST of the month,  on all cancellations.. So for example. if you want to cancel starting in February,  you would need to email us BEFORE January 1st (So anytime on December 31st OR before that day), , to let us know that you wish to cancel, as after that time, your kit for the following month will have been already ordered for you. 




remember our kits ship the 17th- 21st of each month.  So if you sign up for September, your kit ships September 17th-21st UNLEsS If any of these dates fall on a weekend, we ship the next postal service business day (our post office is not open on Saturdays).

 You will receive an email through when your kit has shipped and it goes to your paypal email. Often times it goes into spam, so check there for that tracking info. Kits will be mailed first class, so keep that in mind.



  If you NEED To change your address to your kit, during your subscription or your credit card: 

PLEASE FOLLOW the instructions below, OR your address or credit card WILL NOT be changed for your sub. 

PLEASE email US with any address changes to your monthly subscription kit PRIOR to the 15th of the month.

 email us at with that change.

Many try and change it in Paypal however Paypal won't always pass on that address change to us, SO PLEASE email us so we can have you fill out a form that will ensure we change your address on our end. Our customer service team will also provide you with step by step instructions on how to change it in your account.

If you have a credit card change, remember we only accept Paypal so your sub is set up with us through Paypal. So you must log into your account, go to profile, go to my money, and you will see pre-approved payments. Once there you will see a list of all re-occurring payments for the month including ours, please make the change to each sub you have.  If you do not, the sub payment will fail and cancel.

If you have any questions, you can email our customer service team at  and we will get back within 1-2 business days. 



October signups are Open

NOTE!! We have a limited amount of spots this month and once signups are full you will not be able to add the item to your cart below.

 If you find that this happens and you can not signup, please check back again on this page between now and the 15th, as we will add more spots as they come available until signups close on the 15th.