She Matters Summer 2015 


with me AND Guest Artist Stephanie Lee







Hello sweet friends! 


I am SO Excited to bring to you this special addition of my She Matters Retreats! I have never had a guest artist teach WITH ME,  here at my home, so I am REALLY beyond excited to have the VERY talented Stephanie Lee  teaching with me! 

I recently took a metalsmithing class from Stephanie in December (both in person and her online Homesteaders Metalsmithing ebook).. and I was seriously in AWE of her knowledge and talent and heart that she puts into teaching! I learned so much and came home knowing how to use a torch, solder, metal, flux, how to make my own bezels,  closures, and jump rings, earrings, chain, necklaces, how to use resin and clay and patinas and you NAME IT!  I MEAN IT  was CRAZY! here are just a few of the things I learned how to make (little old me? who has NEVER once done it before! and this was after just one class!)


During my class with her in California, I BEGGED her to come teach at one of my She Matters retreats with me, and was SOO honored and blessed she said yes!  If you have never done metalsmithing before, I will WARN you, you will become addictive! AND the GOOD news is, just like for my normal retreats and my she matters classes,  you do NOT NEED to bring a THING! I will be supplying ALL of the materials for her projects! EVERYTHING. So you just need to bring your little old self as normal :) 



I love connecting with other women, I love sharing my love of art, and love creating long and lasting friendships that just can't be formed any other way then through art. I also LOVE being able to open my home and my family to new friends and pampering them, loving them and helping them spread their creative wings! I decided to start hosting my own small retreats.. here in small hometown of Idaho. I had a vision of what I wanted the retreats to be and I was so blessed that it turned out even BETTER than I could have hoped! I have wrote about my experience on THIS blog post.   I want these retreats  to be VERY small and intimate retreats. I really want this experience to be TRULY one where we are all just a big happy family, creating and learning and getting  to know each other in a way you can not GET in a big setting. I know through this setting as well, there are friendships to be formed, love to be given, and safe places to be found. My family and I would LOVE to have you join us in our home! We hope you can attend!


This week long retreat will be held at my house and personal studio just outside Shelley, Idaho and you will be sleeping in our new/old house! It's a beautiful old farm house that we purchased last year and gutted, remodeled and loved to make it our own. We just moved in this past summer and will make a place for you here when you come! 

Note: We do have an airport 10 minutes away in Idaho Falls. Airport code: IDA.   Sometimes it can be a bit expensive to fly into because it's so small but I often times can find great deals!  Lately I have been able to find REALLY good deals from Idaho falls, so I think the rates are getting better! There is also the Salt Lake City International Airport a short 3 hours away AND there  is a semi private/shared shuttle that runs from Salt Lake City directly to my house,. for around $80-90 round trip. I have looked into it, and you can also rent a car for around $90, which allows you to drive yourself, and have a car to do exploring with on the way here and way back (there are some awesome shops between my house and salt Lake city! :) 

SO if you want to fly into Salt Lake City (which is a Major airport and usually VERY decent prices) the info for the shuttle bus will be in the welcome email. It's the Salt Lake City Express.  Half of my retreat girls used it at my last retreat and enjoyed the quiet peaceful cozy ride, Or you can rent a car (several always do).   Or you can fly directly into Idaho Falls, and we will pick you up there. What ever best fits your budget and needs




Summer 2015 retreat

This retreat is Tuesday-Saturday 

August 4th- 8th 2015 


The retreat officially starts at 5:30 pm on start day of the retreat, when we serve dinner, but you are welcome to arrive anytime after 3:00  and get settled in your room, walk the grounds, hang out in the living room, kitchen,, or take a much needed nap :).  We will have a low-key dinner served around 5:30  for those that are here and then we will  gather at 7:00 for our official welcome and start the night off with some fun festivities and making a fun art journal that we will be able to create in during our downtimes at the retreat!  

During my regular retreats, we have two days of teaching and ONE free day! However since this is a special occasion and we have our guest Artist, Stephanie teaching with me, we will have THREE FULL DAYS of classes! Stephanie will be teaching two days of metalsmithing and jewelry making, and I will teach the third day! It's going to be a jammed packed week of creative nonstop goodness! 

Don't worry, you will have downtime in the evenings! Which will allow you to work in the studio until you can't keep your eyes open! You are welcome to use anything in my studio! We will be making a fun art journal the first night of the retreat (tuesday), so you will have something to work in as well!  No need to bring anything! We will have it all! (Canvases, watercolor paper, paints, sprays, paintbrushes, etc..all for you to use the entire week!) 


Friday evening we will have a special gathering after dinner.. to commence our wonderful week together. It's always a fun night, and usually ends up with a dance party in the studio afterwards and late night laughs and creating until the bus leaves to take you to the airport lol. (most people actually DO go to bed friday night, but we have had some that just stay up all night long and sleep when they get home! lol).  

Saturday morning will be time to say our sad goodbyes.  We will have a delicious breakfast ready for you and loving arms to hug you as you leave home to embrace the new creative wings you will have! The retreat officially ends at 11:30 am, and  We will be available to take you to the airport whenever you need as well! Only breakfast is served this day. 








THE COST  INCLUDES YOUR HOUSING, FOOD, ALL of your ART SUPPLIES AND extra supplies to create to your hearts contents during free hours! We will also gladly pick you up from the Idaho Falls Airport., Plus  you will go home with TONS of special treats, goodies, presents.. so BRING AN EXTRA SUITCASE! I saw this EVERY TIME and only a handful of girls believe me.. but no worries, if you don't, we can always ship it home :) 

the only thing our retreat does not cover is travel expenses. (airfare, shuttle bus, etc). However we DO pick you up right at the idaho Falls airport! 


NOTE: because we are having Stephanie come and she is doing metalsmithing, if you WANT to bring some of your own "items" to use in class you can. I will everything on hand, but if you say want to use certain beads or certain chain. Or you have a special button, or piece of clay, or something that you want to use IN the jewelry piece, then bring it. I will just have a stash of misc things for you to choose from. But you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. NORMALLY is say don't bring ANYTHING because we provide it all, but in this case you may want some personal items to use, just because of sentimental value

  I want nothing more than for you to come and enjoy yourself and not have to worry about where you are staying, etc. I want this to truly be a family experience, so I will be opening up my home for you to stay. We will have a fun, cozy, warm and inviting place for you to sleep and stay while you are here. 

Since it will be in my house, please keep in mind.. this is a lived in everyday house. SO you will be using one of the bedrooms of my 6 kids...and sharing a bedroom with another roommate (s). (most room have their own twin beds. There will be one room that has it's own private bathroom and a king bed that will be shared)  I really want you to feel like you are apart of my home and house while you are here. 

All of your meals will be included and prepared by my wonderful husband Ben! I want you to really get a taste for what we eat and what our family favorites are. Think Dutch oven chicken, roast beef and potatoes, peach cobbler, homemade corn bread and more!. I want you to feel like home. Delicious warm home cooked meals.  

 (Note there may be an added cost for special diets or meal requests (like gluten free, vegetarian etc).   If you have questions, please email me at

All of your art materials for the entire week are included! BRING an extra suitcase because you will be going home with a lot of fun goodies!  I want you to come and not have to worry or spend More money on supplies just to get here. So everything you need for the week will be included! We can also ship anything home for you as well

You will also be able to shop in our Scarlet Lime warehouse for items to TAKE HOME..  and receive 25% off your entire purchase from the warehouse while you are here. . (again we can ship these home for you if need be)

But during the week,  you will have full access to my entire studio.. to ANY of my supplies that you may want to try, or use or get messy with!  

Also keep in mind.. this is a TOTALLY casual retreat. You won't find me dressed up in fancy clothes while i teach. I will be wearing my comfortable painting clothes.  So COME comfy. If you want to create in Pj's. I LOVE IT! if you like to get dressed up when you create.. I LOVE IT! There are no rules. I just want you to FEEL LIKE YOURSELF. You will accomplish SO much more if you feel like your heart can just relax. 










Besides having you as guest in my home.. of course we will have OODLES of studio time creating! I will be sharing with you some of my favorite art techniques, sharing with you my step by step process.. as well as making a girl on canvas. AND my fabulous guest Artist, Stephanie, will be teaching 2 of the days, and she is going to be teaching us how to create and make bezels, using soldering techniques, and torch.  and finish a necklace with making jump rings, closures and wire wrapping! She is also going to show us how to create earrings using solder and stamping techniques! this is going to be SO Fun! 

We will be providing all the supplies needed for BOTH classes, including all the items needed for the Stephanie's class (the metal, wire, torches, solder, etc.. as well as have beads, chain, and ephemera on hand). HOWEVER.. since jewelry is a very personal thing, and because you will be encasing items IN RESIN in your necklace, if you want to bring any special items that you want to put in the piece, please feel free to do so. That could include like maybe a special paper or letter (photocopy of course), lace, fabric, special buttons you might have, a special metal piece, or even i have encased a little flower my mother in law crocheted.  Maybe you have an old necklace where you love the chain and beads, and you have been wanting to re-purpose it. Feel free to bring it. I will have chain and beads on hand.. but if you want something specific, bring it. HOWEVER please KNOW i will have everything on hand, if you just want to COME and not bring a thing!   


I want you to have PLENTY of time to spend on each project. So each  night will be open for you to go back to the studio and paint. The idea behind this retreat is to come LEARN my process (and Stephanies) and be able to play around with all sorts of techniques. Eventually coming up with your own process and techniques. My process just doesn't involve putting paint on a canvas, It involves the inspiration process, the heart and soul that goes into it and so much more!. I want you to learn a lot while you are here! 



We will have some "down" time right after lunch each day.. as  I know since we will all be staying at the same house.. sometimes we just need to get out and stretch, take a breather, relax.. clear our minds, etc. So we will have scheduled times during each day that you will have "me" time. You can use that time to create, shop in the warehouse, (most do during this time lol), you can use it to wander our property and sit and sketch, you can use it to go take a nap in the house.. or snuggle up on the couch in the living room and look through some of my favorite magazines.. whatever YOU would like! But then after our short break, we will be back in the studio until dinner!

 My house is your house. :) My kids, husband and friends, will be around during the days as well, to help you in anyway you need! We are all here to make you feel loved, well fed,  pampered and creative!!

If you would like to read more about my past retreats.. all of the magical experience and read what the sweet girls who came.. have to say.. you can click on this link HERE to read my post. Make sure to read the comments as well, where some of them have commented on their experience. xoxo  












Summer 2015 August Retreat! 

This retreats are Tuesday-Saturday 

August 4th- August 8th

Cost is $1899.00 per person

(all inclusive retreat including supplies, three days of workshops including project from both Stephanie and I, all your food, treats, drinks, LOADS of presents, and as much creating materials as needed during class and during nightly studio time) does not include your airfare or travel. 

Payment OPTIONS: 

One: Pay in full

Two: Pay half now (949.50) and other April 20th  2015

Three: Pay a $200 deposit now, then March 1st ,  pay Half ($849.50) and April 20th 2015(  pay the last half. $849.50 (or you can pay it off anytime in full before April 20th 2015

The $200 deposit IS NON refundable (but does apply to your total) . If you cancel before March 1st  2015, you will receive a refund of the whatever you have paid beyond the $200 deposit  but the deposit is not refundable. There will be no refunds after March 1st  2015  for payment made. Thanks for understanding.  


My family and I look forward to seeing you in 2015 and sure hope you can join us!

 xoxox  Christy


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She Matters August Summer Retreat

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