Hey Friends! it's a February "share the love"  FLASH SALE!  

I've decided to put 6 of my favorite workshops ON sale! up to 60% off,  to celebrate the holiday of LOVE!   

Four of the workshops are my She Art Series of workshops! people ask me all the time, Do I need to take she art one, to be able to take she art two, or three? the answer is NO. ALL workshops are totally different. I teach completely different things, different style of girls, and I go in details how to do each one. So you don't need ANY experience or take any other previous courses to take any of my she art workshops! 

NO CODE NEEDED BUT you MUST use this page to pay for the workshops

(newer workshops are NOT on sale) 

NOTE: if you are purchasing this class for someone else and would like it sent to them, PLEASE DO NOT Leave that information in the comments in Paypal. We do not get them. PLEASE EMAIL customerservice@scarletlime.com and let Jen know that you just purchased a class, What class it is, YOUR full name, and email, and the name and email of the person you want to give it to. This is the only way to ensure that person is sent the class info. Thanks! xoxo 

If you want to read MORE about each workshop and what it entails, you can do so on my blog HERE.. then come back to this page to purchase the workshop on sale. It is NOT on sale on the regular blog site. SO YOU MUST use this page to purchase! 

Once you sign up for the workshop, you will have 2  full years to access the workshop. 


When will I receive my login? 

 Jen does workshops entries normally,  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you don't receive it , email Jen at customerservice@scarletlime.com and she can resend it. Remember it goes to the paypal email associated with YOUR PAYPAL account. If you need it sent to a different email, you must email Jen and let her know. Even if you have already sent that info on the past for past workshops. We don't hold that information on file, so you have to send her an email if you want that information sent to a different email than your paypal one. thanks xoxo 

Thanks again for your wonderful support! 



The She Art Workshop

3 week course


SALE: $24.95!!



She Art Workshop #2

3 week course


SALE: $24.95!




 She Art Workshop NO. 3! 

3 week course


SALE: $24.95



She Art Workshop NO. 4!

2 week course


SALE: $19.95



Behind the Art

5 week Course


SALE: $32.49





Creative Color Workshop


Sale: $9.95!